Founded in 1989 by Carter F. Bales, Edgar R. Berner, and Craig B. Klosk, the Firm today has four partners: Craig B. Klosk, Daniel M. Kortick, Daniel L. Black and Max von Zuben. Carter Bales, and Edgar Berner now serve as Senior Advisors to the Firm.

Craig B. Klosk Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Daniel M. Kortick Managing Partner
Daniel L. Black Managing Partner
Max von Zuben Managing Partner
Thomas P. Kearney III Principal
Irina I. Krasik Vice President
Kelly M. Leong Associate
John A. FitzSimons Associate
Andreia Santos de Araujo Director of Operations & Accounting
Christine D. Flaherty Office Manager
Daniel M. Kortick
Managing Partner

Dan Kortick joined The Wicks Group in May 2000. As a Managing Partner at Wicks, he is involved in all of its investment and management activities and serves on the Board of Directors of all of its operating companies.

Prior to joining Wicks, Mr. Kortick spent 11 years in various capacities at Fleet Bank and BankBoston. Most recently, he served as Director in the Media and Communications Group of BankBoston, working with clients on financing mergers and acquisitions within several media segments, including broadcasting, publishing, cable, and entertainment. Earlier, Mr. Kortick worked in the loan work-out and asset-based lending groups at Fleet. Mr. Kortick serves in different capacities in many educational, community, and charitable organizations.

Dan Kortick graduated from Hobart College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and has an MBA in Finance from Bryant University.