Wicks seeks to acquire and develop companies in selected segments of the information, education and media industries.

The Wicks investment strategy has three key elements:

Sector Focused
  • Includes all businesses targeted to consumers or end users that involve the acquisition, creation, processing or delivery of information or data for functional use or entertainment
  • Large industries comprising multiple sectors with unique growth and operating metrics
  • The Wicks team is highly knowledgeable about the forces shaping each of its target segments, industry cycles and valuations, as well as best operating practices
  • Wicks benefits from extensive relationships with industry executives, specialized deal sources and specialized financing sources
  • Many mid-size and smaller privately held companies in these segments suffer from insufficient focus and resources; Wicks provides experienced, industry-focused attention, energy and capital
Lower Middle Market Focus
  • The smaller, inefficient end of the market contains less competition and fewer auction-based transactions yet robust acquisition activity
  • The Firm's significant industry network and role as a well-known, active investor helps generate proprietary investment opportunities
  • Wicks often invests in companies transitioning from family ownership or from a smaller position in a larger corporate organization where there are substantial opportunities for growth through the introduction of Wicks' expertise and industry best practices
Control Investors
  • Wicks is the majority, controlling equity holder in all of its investments
  • Allows the Firm and portfolio company management teams to drive value creation at each portfolio company
  • Provides clear lines of governance
  • Signifies the Wicks hands-on approach to investing that comprises changing and/or supplementing senior management teams, rapidly improving margins, growing revenue and bringing best operating practices to its portfolio companies